Me And My ‘WonderMel’

3 years ago, I took my first step by starting a company called WonderMel Atelier which now managing the brand and the business. WonderMel Atilier sells imported accessories and women clothing through the internet and social media marketing platforms and progressed to joined various bazaars and events around Klang Valley. From loyal supportive customers who are always craving for things and fashion that are more fresh and trendy, I was then started designing my own fashion and clothing line under the brand name of EmeldaRose.

Emelda Rosemila Is ‘EmeldaRose’ – The Brand

EmeldaRose started with a Hari Raya themed campaign collection on 2014 under the title of 2014 Uber Tradition. From that success, I then launched a few branding campaign series under the title ‘2015 Made To Order Collection’ to introduce EmeldaRose to the mass by sponsoring few Malaysian celebrities either for their wardrobe on TV drama, photo session for magazines or even for various important glamorous and sensational entertainment industry events. 2015 also brought my brand to participate in a few local fashion shows in Klang Valley.

EmeldaRose Has Arrived

In a long journey filled with excitement, we often wonder about what we would discover when we arrive at the destination . We often hope that the arrival will point us to a new, more meaningful and perfect discoveries. May excitement stands on both sides, so this new discovery can be equally experienced and shared as a perfect journey together. EmeldaRose – The Arrival @ L’Arrivee

My Vision & Philo

As a brand, it reflects a silhouette that a designer tries to convey herself; Emelda Rosemila, that’s me. I believe that every individual is born with different personality, experience and cultural influences. Oftentimes, simplicity is the core in my final design. But it has to be ‘absolute, significant yet trendy’ because the fashion world changes rapidly along with the taste of various race that now globally influence and be influenced.

EmeldaRose now focuses on entering the Malaysia fashion industry through the ‘KL Fashion Week 2015’ platform as an ice breaker for me to showcase my designs to the world, more seriously, professionally.


EmeldaRose design collections was inspired by the luxurious and glitz of color on the sequin embroidered-based textile. It reflects the glamorous world of entertainment and showbiz throughout the world. As I’m involved in the entertainment industry which is full of attention and attractions, I strongly believe that sequin deserves to be my weapon and signature to magnetize.